Find inspiration for your room

01 Set Design/ Les Bains

Wooden floor: Legno+Color Medium WR01 Wall: Wallcrete WR04 Shelf: Wallcrete WR04 Shower flooring: Cementoresina Wet WR04 Shower surround: Wallcrete WR04 Ceiling: Paint WR04 Skirting board: Invisibile WR04

02 Set Design/ Contemporary Living

Floor: Cementoresina WR05 Stairs: Cementoresina Step WR05 Wall: Patina WR03 Ceiling: Paint WR03

03 Set Design/ A place to relax

Floor: Cementoflex WR06 Dark wall: Wallcrete WR06 Wainscoting: Legno+Color Large WR06 Light wall: Wallpaper WR01 Ceiling: Paint WR01

04 Set Design/ Scandinavian chic

Floor: LegnoNat Large WR00 Wall: Patina WR02 Ceiling: Paint WR02

05 Set Design/ The new Kitchen

Floor: Cementoresina WR03 Wall: Wallpaper WR07 Window frames: Decor WR03 Ceiling: Paint WR07 Light fittings: Decor WR07 Hood: Patina WR07 Skirting board: Invisibile WR07

06 Set Design/ Open space

Floor: Legno+Color Small WR08 Light wall: Patina WR02 Dark wall: Patina WR08 Skirting board: Invisibile WR08

07 Set Design/ A sense of calm

Floor: Cementoresina WR01 Wall: Patina WR01 Ceiling: Paint WR01

08 Set Design/ Urban Loft

Floor: Cementoflex WR10 Floor: Microresina WR10 Bedroom wall: Paint WR08 Bathroom wall: Microresina Wall WR08 Bathroom wall: Wallcrete WR08 Basin: Wallcrete WR08 Ceiling: Paint WR08 Skirting board: Invisibile WR08

09 Set Design/ My Studio

Floor: Cementoflex WR06 Wooden floor: Legno+Color Small WR06 Wall: Patina WR05 Wall: Paint WR05 Skirting board: Invisibile WR05

10 Set Design/ Black Lounge

Floor: Legno+Color Large WR10 Wall: Paint WR10 Skirting board: Invisibile WR10

11 Set Design/ Monochrome Hammam

Floor: Cementocrudo WR06 Wall: Cementocrudo Wall WR06 Ceiling: Paint WR06 Light fittings: Paint WR06

12 Set Design/ Living Room Art Gallery

Floor: Cementoresina WR09 Wall: Paint WR04 Wall: Patina WR04 Wainscoting: LegnoNat Large WR00 Ceiling: Paint WR02 Window frames: Decor WR09 Radiator: Decor WR09 Bench: Decor WR09

13 Set Design/ Private Heaven

Floor: Legno+Color Medium WR02 Wall: Patina WR03 Skirting board: Invisibile WR03

14 Set Design/ White Re-design

Floor: Microresina WR01 Floor: Cementoresina WR01 Wall: Microresina Wall WR01 Wall: Wallpaper WR01 Kitchen: Decor WR01 Hood: Decor WR01 Window frames: Decor WR01 Ceiling: Paint WR01