Wallpaper (WP)

Wallpaper is a continuous, 2-layer coating, 2 mm thick, with a superflat texture, available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.
Wallpaper is hand made by skilled decorators, and any distinctive marks and irregularities in the surface are proof of its refined and exclusive nature.
Wallpaper is indicated for internal surfaces (coatings on columns, shelves and other architectural elements); for all rooms in the house and for all commercial areas, including coating of shower interiors (with the insertion of Aquasafe Wall waterproofing).
Wallpaper is a surface with a clean, essential appeal that gives great functionality to walls. It is a coating with surprising light refraction properties that create an elegant, minimalist atmosphere with great formal purity. The texture of Wallpaper is impalpable, soft and silky to the touch and with a matt finish.

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