Legno+Color Large (LCL)

Legno+Color Large is a continuous, 3-layer surface comprising multilayer wooden elements that are decorated and protected in situ. Size: 70x1250 mm, thickness 10 mm, chamfered edges, straight cut ends. Texture: hand-crafted wood. Available in the 10 Warm Collection colours and in the natural LegnoNat finish (Warm Colour 00).
Legno+Color Large is hand made by skilled woodworkers, and any distinctive marks and irregularities in the surface are proof of its sophisticated and exclusive nature.
Legno+Color Large is indicated for indoor surfaces (floors, coatings such as wainscoting); for all rooms in the house and for commercial areas with high levels of foot traffic. Laying method: even, continuous gluing only.
Legno+Color Large has a size that has the contemporary feel of the old industrial buildings of SoHo in New York. A new way of designing where the length is determined by the space in which it is applied and not by single element that maintains only the perception of the width dictated by the chamfering. It has a personalised texture obtained with various cycles of facing, sawing, and shaving. The entire work is carried out by hand in Italy by wood craftsmen, designed to make every element unique and impossible to reproduce industrially. It has a silk-touch effect, satin finish. Soft and silky to touch.
Legno+Color Large has all the attraction of a new continuous wooden surface for international style contemporary environments.

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