Cementocrudo Wall (CCW)

Cementocrudo Wall is a continuous, 3-layer coating, 3.5 mm thick, with a tadelakt plaster texture, available in the 10 Warm Collection colours.
Cementocrudo Wall is hand made by skilled decorators, and any distinctive marks and irregularities in the surface are proof of its refined and exclusive nature. Cementocrudo Wall is indicated for internal surfaces (coatings, showers, basin stands, shelves); for bathrooms.
Cementocrudo Wall provides a contemporary take on Moroccan tadelakt. It has a new texture based on cement, lime, natural pigments and waxes, whose uneven colouring and unique reflection of light make surfaces particularly fascinating. Hand worked and shaded with a double surface coating, it has a smooth and velvety feel that is quite unique. Cementocrudo Wall makes it possible to blend bathroom interiors together into a single element.

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